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Pneumatic Cylinder

Pneumatic cylinder is composed of a cylinder, an end cover, a piston, a piston rod and a sealing element, are the products used to provide motion and force to industrial automation applications. We offer one of the industry’s most comprehensive ranges including double and single acting, pison, rodless, compact and many more.

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Pneumatic valve

Pneumatic valve: driven by compressed air valve. We offer one of the industry’s most comprehensive ranges including control, solenoid, mechanical, proportional, manual and electro valve and many more.

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Gripper is used for gripping and clamping workpieces. Pneumatic claw usually has sliding rail type, fulcrum open and close type and rotary drive type and other work methods. We offer one of the industry’s most comprehensive ranges including parallel, magnetic, mechanical, angular, electric gripper and many more.

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At AIRSKY, we know your markets and take the time to understand your challenges. When it comes to solving those challenges, we bring deep engineering expertise and an unmatched breadth and depth of motion and control technologies, products, and solutions. Our capabilities include the development of subsystems that easily can be deployed within your existing […]

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Recognized as one of the noted supplier of Pneumatic equipments, under the brand “AIRSKY“, our products are appreciated for their features such as good design, durability and high performance. We manufacture:Pneumatic Cylinder, Pneumatic Valve, Gripper, Air preparation, Vacuum Equipment, Sensor, Switch, Fitting, Tubing, Accessories Airsky Pneumatics Co., Ltd.,the company start from the year 2001. With […]

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At AIRSKY, our goal is to actively engage our customers and shareholders through social media outlets including LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. As these technology platforms evolve and become more a part of our daily lives, they open a new communications channel that allows us to interact seamlessly with our customers, investors, potential employees […]


Our products are crafted, elaborate details, called art masterpiece.